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mechanical keyboardsprogrammingupdateyear in review

Joining Apollo GraphQL

June 21, 2022update


December 31, 2021year in review


December 11, 2020year in review

Typed Web Workers

Getting Started with Web Workers in a TS Project

April 30, 2020programming

Building a Gatsby Plugin with Wasm

Rust + Wasm + Node.js = 🦀🕸💚

January 6, 2020programming


December 1, 2019year in review

Resume as Code

Building a Resume with LaTeX + GitHub Actions

October 8, 2019programming

How to Build a Keyboard, Pt.1

Learn to Solder

May 27, 2019mechanical keyboards

Working at the Edge

Rust and Other Things

February 18, 2019programming

Teach a Girl to Program

And a Programmer to Teach

June 28, 2016programming

From Bitmaker to Breather

A QuickStart™ Guide to Making Things on the Internet

March 4, 2015programming

Coding != Computer Science

The Case for Programming as a Liberal Art

July 7, 2014programming
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