Practice Makes Permanent

Having signed up for the June cohort in December, I had a few months to work on the Bitmaker prep course which consists mainly of the Codecademy Ruby track, Ruby Monk, the Command Line Crash Course and a primer on Git and HTML/CSS. The material was easy enough to get through the first time, but when it came to internalizing a whole host of new concepts in a short period of time, I knew I needed a better strategy.

As I began fine-tuning my daily routine, the words of an old high school coach came to mind: "Practice makes permanent; perfect practice makes perfect."

After skimming through every list of Ruby tutorials/drills/videos I could get my hands on, I came across a few incredibly helpful articles on spaced repetition learning + programming. You can read them here, here, here and here. I also found some of the textbooks mentioned here on Chris Webb's blog to be quite useful, and found the curriculum at The Odin Project to be invaluable, as well.

Most of the articles on spaced repetition learning cited above refer to a free flash card program called Anki to reinforce concepts/improve retention. Using a few lists of questions I came across on The Odin Project, I made a few decks of flash cards on:

You can grab Anki here and my flash card files can be downloaded from the links above. Which coding resources do you find particularly helpful?

I'll be writing more about my experience at Bitmaker Labs in the weeks to come; feel free to get in touch if you're considering a similar program and have any questions. You should follow me on twitter at @alessbell.